How To Make The Most Out of Your Summer At Home

How To Make The Most Out of Your Summer At Home

The current circumstances are a difficult time for everyone. Staying on lock-down indoors can feel overwhelming, sometimes lonely, other times in needs of some real space. 

It is important in these time to try and add something to your day just to add that little spark back. It could be that warm bath with petals, lighting a candle or turning on your favourite music and dancing like no one is watching! Yes, we know that you have all done that at some point. Wink. 

At the BBQ Rib Hut we like to enjoy our day by putting on our beloved barbeques. Food can always bring a smile to your face, even if it's catching juice and food over the zoom with your bestie or loved one. 


Here is how we suggest you use your BBQ hamper to brighten up your day! 

1. Put on some music to set the scene - Beyonce, Led Zepplin, Luis Fonsi - you name it! 

2. Put on something that makes you feel good! It might be your favourite loungewear, something smart, or just adding some jewellery for the girls and a dashing of aftershave for the boys, 

3. Get your oven or barbecue on. If you have a garden then it is certainly barbecue time. There is something nolgastic of the sniff of chargrilled food! 

4. Get your family out of their rooms and into the dining room or the garden. Last one out has to do the dishes! If you living on your own do call your friends or Zoom and get the party started. Make sure you have a cosy drink to accompany you! 

5. Game and chat time! It might be cards over the camera, a casual game of footie or tennis in the garden, a quiz (whoever wins gets the prize)!

6. Eat good food! Yes I said it! There is something about our BBQ Rib Hut foods that gets the smile on our customer's faces! If you agree then hashtag us on instagram with #bbqribhut and share a selfish over the grill! We'll look out to reply! 

Fiona @ The BBQ Rib Hut Team 

Order your very own hamper here. 

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