About Us

The Rib Company is a popular hamper and mobile catering unit that caters for a niche range of delicious foods - we always aim to give our customers a great experience whether they are tasting our products at home or at one of our national events and festivals that we attend.

About Our Head Chef

The Rib Company was founded by Desmond who is also our head chef. He has a flair for combining natural seasonings, herbs and flavours to create food products that leave customers coming back for more.

Desmond was inspired by his mother Mama Lewis, his dear grandmother and his older brother who taught him the art of making sauces.

Always hustling and bustling in the kitchen; Desmond picked up this knack to cook up delicious treats too. Desmond’s business has grown over the years from trading at small but vibrant street markets, to trading to thousands of customers at the popular Arsenal Emirates stadium on match days and now also providing deluxe food hampers to customers across the UK and nationwide.

Desmond's deluxe food business continues to grow and we hope that you come with us on this journey!


The Rib Company sends deluxe summer and winter food hampers to customers nationally across the UK from as far down south as Brighton and as high up north as Scotland!

Our hampers are known for their select meats marinated with their prime BBQ Rib Hut sauce - of which is not duplicated anywhere else! With deep accents of honey and soy the sauce is made with a number of different herbs and subtle spices to bring a sweet depth of flavours.

We are known for our Spicy Deluxe burgers; handmade with lamb, coriander and a small assortment of herbs. Fancy a try? Click over here to purchase your summer hamper today!

A depth of flavours 


We are a self-sufficient, fully decked mobile catering unit that provides a mix of freshly cooked meat and vegetarian options which includes a niche range of our Rib Company dishes; our customers love our Honey Velveted Seasoned food range.

We have over 20 years’ experience and we trade at a range of events including large private functions (such as birthday parties), events and festivals.
We are able to provide a full event experience for event organisers from set-up and set-down, a fast and speedy service, excellent food hygiene and a positive customer service experience.

Healthy delicious foods served up at a good pace always ensuring we keep a smile on our face, making conversation with those as we serve.

Click here to find out more and to make a booking.

Join this journey with us!


Food is a notable part of some of the world's greatest environmental and societal challenges.

What we may choose to eat can impact our health and wellbeing. We aim to ensure that we engage in sustainable practices to support the growing agenda to be more aware of our impact in this world's environmental health.

The Rib Company Sustainable practices include;

1.Locally sourced foods from local suppliers - our meats are purchased by reputable butchers (Smithfield in London) and fresh fruit and vegetable wholesalers (New Spitalfields Market in London).
We also provide an efficient service with food standard rating of level 5.

2. As a believer of nature, all our cleaning products and food containers are biodegradable.

3. A menu is written on a wooden board which is reused, rather than distributed on paper thereby saving energy, water and landfill space from the repeated use of paper as well as reducing green house emissions.

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