No supply chain issue here!

No supply chain issue here!

The Rib Company is a business that understands that when you want to provide the best quality and most convenient food delivery service, you need to provide the most efficient and secure process, better still, it all happens with zero disruption or extra cost to the customer. You can count on us to deliver quality fresh meat hampers with no supply chain issues.

The problem with supply chains Sometimes the problem with food delivery is a lack of understanding what customers want. Other times it’s a question of poor quality or using inferior ingredients, the Rib Company London is different. Our hampers are known for their select meats marinated with their prime BBQ Rib Hut sauce - of which is not duplicated anywhere else! With deep accents of honey and soy the sauce is made with several different herbs and subtle spices to bring a sweet depth of flavours. 

Why other companies struggle to deliver

A recent study from the McKinsey Global Institute found that: - Nearly half of products are delivered late. - The supply chain is extracting costs from customers. - The smallest businesses are more likely to be late than larger ones. The study looked at how companies were delivering products in different industries. The study concluded that "the supply chain isn’t complexity; it’s a lack of quality." To fix this problem: "Companies should better understand their customers' needs and requirements and match those with their own resources and capabilities.

We have a small but dedicated team who are reliable and committed to delivering quality fresh meat hampers to your home or office. It's not a new problem: food delivery has always been a difficult problem for large organizations. It's a problem in the sense that there is an inherent mismatch between the need to deliver food and the organization's capacity to deliver it. The more complex your supply chain is, the more likely you are to miss delivery slots. We keep it simple by shopping local and keeping a close eye on quality.

Our meats are purchased by reputable butchers (Smithfield in London) and fresh fruit and vegetable wholesalers (New Spitalfields Market in London). We also provide an efficient service with food standard rating of level 5.


So, if you are looking for a fresh meat hamper as a gift contact us at


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