The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Barbecue

The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Summer Barbecue

The smell of sizzling steak, the ice-cold beverage in your hand, and a group of friends laughing in the sunshine: What could be better than that? Luckily, you don’t have to wait until next summer to experience all those happy feelings again. You can bring the barbecue right back into your life with a simple home gathering.


Get ready!

According to The Greenhouse People, marinades can elevate the BBQ experience. "The earlier the better when it comes to marinating, so prepare all your delicious marinades the night before and massage them into the meat before keeping it in the refrigerator. Make a potato salad, roasted vegetable couscous, and home-made slaw while you're at it.

Set up the BBQ area in the morning with chairs, tables, and convenient trash cans to keep the area tidy. By making the time early in the day, you'll be less stressed and prepared to host guests.

Don't forget to prepare by gathering your supplies! Bring along all of the necessary utensils.


The summer months are frequently jam-packed with events, making it challenging to find a weekend that works for everyone when it comes to invitations. It might take a lot of time and effort to send out individual messages or emails, and it can be challenging to track the responses. E-invitations can be a simple and affordable way to spread the word to a large audience and maintain an RSVP list.

The size of your outdoor space will definitely influence how many guests you decide to invite to your BBQ. However, be careful that it won't become too crowded, especially if you add more outdoor furniture.

Don't forget

Typically, the king of the grill is meat. But let's not overlook the non-meat substitutes and veggie heroes who can steal the stage and make any vegetarians and vegans happy. Consider halloumi and pepper skewers drizzled with sweet chilli sauce, grilled corn on the cob basted in butter and a little salt, and cauliflower steaks dusted with turmeric.

Although keeping things cool is of utmost importance, constantly marching to and from the kitchen can be inconvenient. For beer, wine, and soft beverages, why not set up metal buckets with ice or cool boxes with ice packs in shady places. Serving a variety of cool summer beverages in Kilner glass dispensers is another smart move.

Set the scene!

Have a central table for guests to sit at if they choose (extra seating in the garden would be nice too), and a side table to serve beverages and food, depending on the size of your space. Bunting strung from a wall, fence, or table, along with some decorative balloons, is the simplest method to decorate. Maintain a colour scheme, and don't forget to coordinate your serving bowls, plates, cups, and cutlery to create a cohesive look. Tables should be decorated with floral centrepieces for a great finishing touch.

Consider scattering three single stem cut flowers in vases around the table's centre. Alternately, scatter flower petals on the table to create a lovely floral arrangement.

And lastly...

After the gathering is finished, safeguard your BBQ and maintain it spick-and-span until you need to use it again. Purchase a cheap, weatherproof barbeque cover.

Why not use The Rib Company's Signature BBQ Sauce or order yourself a fresh meat hamper today for the perfect summer bbq!

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