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Nope, this is not a movie BUT we do want to introduce you to THE TRINITY! A triple deluxe barbecue and oven pack  with our renowned spicy deluxe lamb burgers and our newly introduced flavoursome seasoned lamb chops and herby Cumberland sausages. Breakfast, lunch and dinner covered! Hmm. 

The triple treat of three different products, THE TRINITY (for three deluxe meats), was birthed out of a vision to launch three deluxe meat products that shine at a barbecue (and have your neighbours ask you for your secrets), pack a seasoned delight and aim to please! 

Lets get cooking! 

So lets get cooking! Throw these on the barbecue or have Cumberland sausages for breakfast with scrambled eggs and chopped mango salad? Spicy deluxe lamb burger for lunch with chunky potato fries? Caribbean Seasoned Lamb chops with spiced rice and a cucumber melody? Ok I think you've got the gist!

You'll find packed inside your TRINITY hamper box:

  • Six of our juicy Deluxe Lamb burgers. With a sprinkle of coriander, a dashing of spice, garlic and herbs - these burgers are enough to make your day.
  • Six Caribbean Seasoned Lamb Chops - These lamb chops are infused with rosemary and coriander herb seasoning with lashings of black pepper, mint and oregano. Slowly marinated over a 24-hour period to pack in a melodic punch. 
  • Six Cumberland sausages - Herby, tasty and juicy. Nothing more. Nothing less! The perfect sausage for a Full English Breakfast or a chunky chargrilled barbecue hot dog.


Our lamb burgers are made using no machines and no fillers. Just real locally sourced meats and handcrafted burgers filled with herbs and spices. Our Caribbean Seasoned Lamb chops are locally sourced and seasoned with our our mix of deluxe Caribbean influenced herbs. Welcome the taste of the Caribbean! 

 Also...just to add..our meats are hand selected for plumpness, freshness and taste..just so you know! 

Spice Factor
Our lamb burgers* are a tad spicy, our lamb chops are an array of flavours but like our sausages, do not have chilli spice in sight. Perfect for feeding a family with differing spice sensitive taste buds!

*Suitable for children over 6 too!


Delivery across UK mainland: £4 for standard delivery (3-4 days). £6.50 for express delivery (1-2 days). Purchase your monthly shopping to bring some BBQ cheer (whether you cook indoors or outside)!

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