Food and Friends

Food and Friends

Food and friends

Have you ever noticed that most popular TV shows have a place where everyone meets and eats? Eating together is a great way to deepen relationships. Studies show that children who grow up in families who eat together at least 3 times per week are more likely to go to college and less likely to have issues in school. Here are some benefits for sharing some food fun time with your loved ones.

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Eating Together is Good for your Mental Health

In a study titled “Eating Together versus Eating Alone: Effects on Mental Health,” researchers found that, on average, eating meals with friends and family can help boost one’s self-esteem. When you socialize with others, your brain may be less active in processing negative thoughts. It also increases self-awareness, which can lead to more positive feelings about yourself.

Another study conducted by the University of Detroit Mercy School of Medicine found that people who eat meals with others tend to report fewer physical symptoms (such as headaches and fatigue), experience less depression, and are overall happier.

Cooking Together is Fun and Cheaper than Eating Out

Gather a group of friends and cook together. Don’t worry about the quantity; whether you use 3 or 3,000 servings, it doesn’t matter. It just needs to be something that involves you all. The Rib Company makes cooking fun by providing fresh meat delivered right to your home or office.

A fresh meat hamper is a great gift for employees, clients or friends. Our hampers come will quality meats and our delicious BBQ sauce. We have a variety hampers and tasty meats to choose from. Click here to see our selection.

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