Impress your date on date night

Impress your date on date night

The Rib Company in London is here to help you and your family save money without sacrificing taste.

The Rib Company sends deluxe summer and winter food hampers to customers nationally across the UK from as far down south as Brighton and as high up north as Scotland! We can deliver to your home or office. Our hampers are known for their select meats marinated with their prime BBQ Rib Hut sauce - of which is not duplicated anywhere else!

We realize that many families are looking for ways to save money which is why we share our top tips. Here are a few ways to cut down on your food bills

Cook from scratch

Save money by cutting back on takeaways and doing more home cooking. Preparing and cooking your own meals is generally cheaper than buying a takeaway or a ready meal, and because the Rib Company deliver directly to your home or office home cooking can also be more convenient.

Eat in on date night

Impress your other half with our Mini Hamper pack for two. A box full of tasty fresh barbecue foods that you can pop on the outdoor grill or into the oven.  Also, pre-packed is not always the freshest and you may end up with more than you need.

We have a range of hampers to choose from so you can decide what will be most cost effective for you or your family. We provide locally sourced foods from local suppliers - our meats are purchased by reputable butchers (Smithfield in London).

Give us a try. You’ll love the food and the service. We are known for our Spicy Deluxe burgers; handmade with lamb, coriander and a small assortment of herbs. Fancy a try? Visit to place an order.

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