Planning the Perfect BBQ: 5 Steps to Hosting the Best BBQ Party

Planning the Perfect BBQ: 5 Steps to Hosting the Best BBQ Party

The best part of summer is its abundant sunshine and long, pleasant evenings.
You can sit out in the sun for longer, enjoy an outdoor meal and spend more time
with friends and family. With the right preparations, you can organize a BBQ party
that feels like a mini-vacation from your weekday routine. If hosting a barbecue is
on your bucket list, read these tips on how to host the perfect BBQ party. Don’t
miss out on these essential tips for planning the perfect BBQ party—no matter
what time of year it is. Whether it’s chilly or scorching hot outside, there’s no bad
time to throw a barbecue party. These tips will help you make sure your guests
are comfortable and have everything they need to fully enjoy themselves.

Send invites before you start planning
Before you start planning your party, you’ll need to send out your invites. you can
send out your invites 6 to 8 weeks in advance. Send it at least 2 to 3 weeks
before your event so that your guests have enough time to respond. A save-the-
date card is particularly helpful if you’re expecting a lot of guests or if you’re
hosting a large event. It’ll give your guests enough time to look for babysitters,
plan their schedules, and make appropriate travel arrangements.

Decide on your menu and shop for supplies
You’ll need to decide on your menu at least a week before your event. When
choosing your menu, keep in mind your guests’ special diets and allergies. If
you’re hosting a large event, you may want to choose a menu that’s easy and
quick to prepare. Our fresh hampers are a perfect choice, as all our meats come
pre-seasoned for easy cooking.

You’ll also need to shop for supplies. Before you go shopping, get a checklist of
things you need and mark them off one by one as you go through your list. This
will help you stay organized and focused while you shop. Some of the things
you’ll need to pick up are: - plates, forks, and spoons for serving food and
beverages - dish towels for cleaning up - paper napkins and cleaning wipes for
sticky hands - placemats, candles, tablecloths, or table covers for your outdoor

dining table - chairs for outdoor seating - extra lighting for outdoor areas - a
portable bar for drinks - ice, ice buckets, and a cooler

Set the scene with decorations and lighting
When you’re setting up, take into account the outdoor space you’re using and the
number of guests you’re expecting. Depending on the weather, you may want to
keep your decorations indoors. You can use outdoor decorations such as flags,
potted plants, and lawn chairs. Be sure to have a safe and well-lit space for
children and guests who may have a hard time walking, such as older adults. You
should also be sure to have plenty of lighting around your seating and food areas,
along with a portable bar for drinks. If you’re using an outdoor space or patio that
gets very little sun, you can also use lights for extra illumination.

Ask guests to help with food prep
If you’re hosting a large event, a good idea to cut down on prep time is to ask
your guests to help with food prep. You can ask your guests to bring their
favourite side dishes or desserts to share.

On the day of the party: Welcome, food, games, and cleanup
When your guests arrive, be sure to welcome them with a smile and offer them a
beverage. If you’ve organized games and activities, you can also make a list of
them and let your guests know what’s coming up. You’ll want to make sure to
have cleanup supplies on hand before the party ends. You can ask your guests to
help out with cleanup, or you can have them bring reusable containers for

If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to throw a successful summer BBQ party.
No matter what time of year it is, you can throw a barbecue any time of the year.
As long as you prepare for it appropriately, anybody can enjoy the benefits of a
great barbecue! Order our signature BBQ sauce today at

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