The Rib Company’s top BBQ tips

The Rib Company’s top BBQ tips

When it comes to summer, there are few things we love more than outdoor grilling. What used to be a predominantly hot and humid ordeal has now become a year-round activity.

To anyone who loves good food and spends their summers outdoors, this is great news. But just because it’s easy to grill all year long doesn’t mean that anyone can do it well. In fact, the art of grilling is something that comes with time, patience, and practice. If you’re ready to take your grilling game up a notch, here are some top BBQ tips that will take your grilling skills to the next level:

Make good use of heat

Try to have a space on the grill where the heat is at its most intense, and another where it is cooler. This way you can cook with direct heat for colour and caramelization, and use the cooler side to slow cook the meats until perfection. Beautiful! Always use a meat thermometer Not properly cooking your meat carries the risk of food poisoning.

Don’t just rely on your eyes when checking food, use a meat thermometer to ensure your food is well cooked through. Always grill clean Keep your grill clean! Don’t leave bits of food stuck between the cooking grates. Clean with a stainless steel brush while the grill is hot for easier cleaning. Keeping your grill clean not only helps with cleanliness but also helps prevent your meat from sticking.

Don’t forget the flavour boosters

Flavoured salts and spices are the key for a great BBQ, smash up some herbs and spices of your choice and add some salt. Combine and crush to a pulp and leave to dry. Add to your meats while they are cooking for a boost of flavour!

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